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Considered, impartial advice

At Energy Solutions we advise owners of period properties how to make their homes as energy efficient as possible without compromising the performance or character of the building.

  • Save money – Whilst energy prices have fallen in recent months future price rises are inevitable. Failure to contain these cost increases is becoming evermore stressful, especially for owners of traditional properties
  • Take care of your Home – Heat loss can be substantially reduced in traditional houses but it must be done in the right way, with the right materials. New heavily promoted insulation systems can trap moisture, potentially causing very serious long term damage to the building fabric. Also without managing airflows condensation can also become an overwhelming problem
  • Improve home comforts – Levels of comfort can be substantially improved in a period property either for the whole house or on a room by room basis. Some simple, carefully chosen, low cost solutions can work surprisingly well
  • Dependable Advice – At Energy Solutions, we do not take commissions nor are we affiliated to any manufacturer. We pride ourselves on only providing considered impartial advice.

The house is warmer than it has ever been; the hot water is 10°C hotter than ever before and by taking Jonathan’s carefully considered advice we managed to reduce our very substantial heating costs at Middleton Park by over 60%.
Nick Davenport, Estate Manager - Middleton Park

Jonathan Clarke, the Principal of Energy Solutions, is the prime contact at all times and has been running this business since 2005. He draws extensively on experts as required; detailed technical advice, where necessary is carefully deployed from well known, established building service professionals who will vary from region to region.

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